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Mocha Almond Butter January 11, 2015

Jamie says: I did it. I made my own nut (almond) butter. And it was super easy and honestly quite fascinating to do (perfect for kids to watch).

I had a fun afternoon with my new dietitian co-worker friends. It began with a walk, followed by lunch, and soon led to an impromptu DIY nut butter adventure. Earlier, I had found a recipe for inspiration in the Publix FamilyStyle magazine which led to the creation of Mocha Almond Butter.

Mocha Almond Butter

Mocha Almond Butter

It was really quite simple. And within a couple of minutes, we had a ball of almond butter.

Almond butter ball!

Almond butter ball!

I added coffee for a kick. It spread nicely, just like peanut butter except this one is made of cocoa-dusted almonds with a burst of coffee.

Perfectly blended

Perfectly blended

I put a heaping tablespoon in one of those little containers you’d use for a side of salad dressing and packed it for lunch.

Creamy mocha nutty goodness

Creamy mocha nutty goodness

It’s perfect for an apple or to make a Mocha Almond Butter and [banana, strawberry, (insert your favorite fruit here), blueberry, raspberry, and/or blackberry] whole wheat sandwich.

Mocha Almond Butter to go. Apple ready!

Mocha Almond Butter to go. Apple ready!

Mocha Almond Butter


  • 6 oz dark chocolate flavor oven-roasted almonds (Blue Diamond)
  • one 0.07 oz packet instant coffee (Nescafe Clasico)


  1. Pour almonds in a food processor to cover blades. Place lid on top and blend until the nuts become a ball, pausing occasionally to use a spatula to scrape down the sides. (Nuts will first become chopped. Then finely chopped. Next, they will start clumping. Then, they will form a ball.)
  2. Add coffee packet. Continue to blend until the ball finally forms a layer on the side of the food processor.
  3. Scrape down nut butter and store in an airtight container. Enjoy!

Servings: 5

Serving suggestion: Pack in a little reclosable container to spread on an apple.

  • Nutrition note: Almonds are an excellent source of vitamin E. Peanuts have more protein. Both are great.

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