Two Sisters, One Kitchen

Quick, healthy meals by a loving team. See what’s cooking in J & K's kitchen!

Fancy grilled cheese with peppers and red sauce June 7, 2014

Kathryn says: J came to visit me for a sister weekend. Of course, we ended up in the kitchen together, dreaming up a tasty, healthy dinner.

We came up with gourmet grilled cheese.

I cut the ball of mozzarella on the cutting board Granny gave me with a built in cutting wire – so easy and effective.

We heated up some frozen onions and red and yellow peppers on the stovetop with some olive oil, fresh spinach and crushed garlic.

Then, we pressed them in the George Foreman grill of our college days together.

We served it with a generous bowl of red sauce for dipping, like a calzone or Stromboli.

While I chose a French baguette for mine, J went with sliced kalamata bread.

Both were delicious, but we liked my thicker bread for holding the heaping sandwich together and absorbing more sauce.

We enjoyed our sister time together and agreed that it felt like a sweet, leisurely summer night.


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