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Dark Chocolate Prune Squares January 30, 2013

Jamie says: My new favorite treat is something so simple- Dark Chocolate Prune Squares. 

Dark Chocolate Prune Squares

Dark Chocolate Prune Squares

They are slightly bitter and sweet and absolutely delicious.

Dark deliciousnessv

Dark deliciousness

It’s a quick fix if you’re craving chocolate covered fruit (and it’s less messy than melting chocolate).

Quick fix for "chocolate-covered" fruit

Quick fix for “chocolate-covered” fruit

Prunes and dark chocoalte squares must be meant for each other because each prune fits so perfectly on top of the dark chocolate square.

Perfect portion

Perfect portion

Dark Chocolate Prune Squares


  • 3 squares dark chocolate (Valor Chocolates, 70% cocoa, Chocolat Noir)
  • 3 prunes


  1. Break chocolate (following the lines) into 3 squares and put on a plate.
  2. Place a prune on top of each piece of chocolate. Enjoy!

Servings: 1

  • Nutrition note: Satisfy that sweet tooth with a healthy dessert choice like dark chocolate. It has antioxidants, fiber, and iron (and is delicious). 

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