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Hot Corn, Peppers ‘n’ Onions June 24, 2012

Jamie says: I went grocery shopping at the Citizens Co-op (435 South Main Street, Gainesville, FL 32601) for the first time today. It was a really cool experience (and a little pricey, too). The store was small but had some unique offerings. Almost everything was organic and a lot of it was local, too. I already had some food in stock from my last trip to Publix and my trip to the farmers’ market, so I didn’t need too much, but here’s what I bought:

My groceries from the Citizens Co-op (435 South Main Street, Gainesville, FL 32601)

I used the ear of corn, 3 green Italian peppers, and the little multi-colored pepper and made Hot Corn, Peppers ‘n’ Onions as a side with dinner tonight. (Side note: Those chocolate covered espresso beans are awesome!)

Hot Corn, Peppers ‘n’ Onions

I loved the red, yellow, and green colors.

Pretty colors

It was quite flavorful with all the spices. I’ll have to make it again for a fajita night because I feel like it would be the perfect topper. (I can just taste the chicken, cheese, and tortilla with it.)

Perfect for fajitas, tacos, and burritos

Hot Corn, Peppers ‘n’ Onions


  • 1 ear bi-color corn  (Citizens Co-op, organic)
  • 3 Italian peppers (Citizens C0-op, organic)
  • 1 small multi-colored bell pepper (Citizens Co-op, organic)
  • 1 Tbsp canola oil (Publix)
  • dash coarse sea salt (Alessi)
  • 1/8 tsp ground cumin (Publix)
  • 1/8 tsp chili powder (Badia)
  • dash ground chipotle (Penzeys Spices, red)
  • dash paprika (Penzeys Spices, Hungary sweet)


  1. Remove husks and silk from corn and stand vertically on a large cutting board. Use a knife and cut down to cut corn kernels off cob in long rows.
  2. Cut tops off Italian and bell peppers. Cut peppers in half and remove seeds. Cut peppers into strips and then chop peppers and onion slices into small pieces (about the same size as the corn kernels).
  3. Place a large non-stick frying pan on a burner on medium heat. Add canola oil and rotate pan to distribute evenly. Add sea salt, ground cumin, chili powder, ground chipotle, and paprika. Stir to mix. Cook for about 5 minutes or until soft. Enjoy!

Servings: 3

  • Nutrition note: Check out your area to see if there’s a co-op near by. It’s a fun and healthy experience, and you’ll be supporting local farmers.

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