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Amish Friendship Bread January 24, 2012

Jamie says: The Amish Friendship Bread had come around once again! K and I received starter bags in October 2011 and made the bread then. And now I got to make it again. It’s always a sweet surprise.

Amish Friendship Bread

I received a starter bag to make Amish Friendship Bread from a fellow Registered Dietitian and co-worker, Kathleen. We call each other “roomies” because we share an office.

The starter bag and directions/recipe

After 10 days of nurturing the bag (squishing and mushing it, adding ingredients on day 7 because I was a day late, squishing it and mushing it again, and adding all the rest of ingredients), it was baking time! And at 7:30 AM (I got up super early before work) out came two hot loaves of friendship bread! Baking day was my Dad’s birthday, too! (I sent him pictures.)

It makes a lot- definitely enough to share

I don’t know why they call it bread- it’s definitely cake in my eyes.

That's cinnamon/sugar on top

Or maybe a coffee cake is a more accurate description. The cinnamon/sugar mixture on top is my favorite part.

I cut it up into rectangles

I decided I wanted to make this bread friendship bread squared (in a mathematical sense) – meaning I’d share the friendship bread AND give away the starter bags to new friends.

I brought around the tray to my new neighbors

So, I went around to every apartment in my complex and knocked on doors, sharing this bread as an offering of friendship. Everyone seemed pretty excited to get a piece. It was a nice way to meet my neighbors, too.

I went back home to get more and went back out to meet some more of my neighbors

The cake is so moist and sweet. I love the cinnamon sugar on the top and bottom.

And I saved a piece (or two or three) for me, of course

The recipe for Friendship Bread can be found on many web sites, but here’s the one I followed: The Happy Zombie. Enjoy- and don’t forget to share.

  • Nutrition note: Sharing food is an act of kindness that also helps prevent you from overindulging.

2 Responses to “Amish Friendship Bread”

  1. sheelbeel Says:

    Ahhh I haven’t seen one of these since I was 10 and ate cake every day for months before finally giving up on the tradition. I must get going on it again – so much fun!

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