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Salmon Ginger Arugula Salad August 15, 2011

Salmon Ginger Arugula Salad

Jamie says:  Have you ever craved the same thing over and over again and eaten it for days in a row?  I like to call it my  “food kick.”  Someone else told me it’s eating like a preschooler.  Whatever you’d like to call it, I’ve had my fair share of food kicks- my chocolate banana milkshake is one.  Two of my recent food kicks are oatmeal and frozen yogurt/gelato/ice cream (not together, thank goodness).  My latest food kick is canned salmon…

Salmon Ginger Arugula Salad


  • 2 cups roquette arugula (Fresh Attitude)
  • 1 small vine-ripened tomato
  • 1 slice sweet onion
  • 1 Tbsp raisins (Publix)
  • 1/2 6-oz can premium boneless and skinless wild Alaskan pink salmon (Bear & Wolf- from Costco)
  •  3 Tbsp Asian ginger extra virgin olive oil vinaigrette (Bolthouse Farms)


  1. Pour arugula on plate.  Chop tomato and onion slice and add to arugula.  Sprinkle raisins on top.  Use a fork to flake salmon onto center of salad.  Drizzle dressing on top.  Serves: 1.  Enjoy!

It’s so good, I’ve had variations of this meal three days in a row!  The salmon tastes like a moister tuna fish.

  • Nutrition note:  Salmon is an excellent source of omega-3s and vitamin D.  This meal has about 490 mg of omega-3s.  Aim for eating 2 servings of fish each week.  For more information about fish and omega-3s, check out the: American Heart Association’s Fish 101.

5 Responses to “Salmon Ginger Arugula Salad”

  1. mcginley10 Says:

    love it! this looks brilliant, I have my own site:

  2. Robin Katzenstein Says:

    This sounds like a delicious salad. Thanks for reminding me about using canned salmon. I’m going to try this salad next week!

  3. […] canned salmon, that is).  Here’s another delicious salmon salad recipe (in addition to the Salmon Ginger Arugula Salad I made last […]

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