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Chocolate Bacon Spread on Apple Slices August 5, 2011

Chocolate Bacon Spread on Apple Slices

Jamie says:  Ever seen Epic Meal Time?  It’s all about the bacon!  And that’s how I’ve been cooking for the last 24 hours.  Bacon on my pasta.  Hey!  They do it in Italy…ever had pasta carbonara?  And then bacon on my apple slices.  I have a little more bacon left in my fridge, so who knows what I’ll do with it next.

Chocolate Bacon Spread on Apple Slices


  • 1 1/2 slices Oscar Mayer center cut bacon, original naturally smoked
  • 1 mini tub (5 oz) of Philadelphia 1/3 less fat cream cheese
  • 1/2 Tbsp Hershey’s natural unsweetened cocoa
  • 1 organic gala apple
  • 2 tsp chocolate wine sauce (ours was from trip to the vineyards in California)


  1. Microwave bacon for about 3 minutes or until crunchy.  Drain liquid.  Use a knife to cut slices into very small pieces (i.e. like bacon bits).
  2. Mix cream cheese, cocoa powder, and bacon pieces in a small bowl.
  3. Use an apple corer/slicer to cut apple into slices.  Spread cream cheese mixture on to apple slices.  Drizzle chocolate wine sauce on plate.  Dip apple slices into wine sauce.  Serves: 1.  Enjoy!

Smokey, savory, and sweet.  I like the crunch the bacon adds.

  • Nutrition note:  Bacon is high in fat but can be enjoyed occasionally in moderation.

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