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French Toast & Fresh Raspberries July 6, 2011

French Toast & Fresh Raspberries

Jamie says:  I had a wonderful long weekend on the beach with my family for our annual vacation.  We rent beach condos and visit each other all day long.  We’ve been making this trip ever since I remember.  A true tradition.  When I was real young, I even thought we moved to the beach and started crying when I got back home… I guess I thought I was going to live on the beach with my cousins and family.  It’s one of those vacations where you kind of do the same thing every year, but you love it.  Each year brings new memories.  I hope we do this forever.

French Toast & Fresh Raspberries



  1. Slice bread in half to form 3 half slices.
  2. Crack eggs in a bowl.  Shake cinnamon on top.  Beat with a fork to mix.
  3. Melt a small pat (1 tsp, reserving 2 tsp) of Smart Balance on a large frying pan on medium heat.
  4. Dip slices of bread in egg mixture and place on pan.  Cook until the bottom is gold brown and the egg is cooked, about 3 minutes.  Flip and repeat.
  5. Meanwhile, wash and dry raspberries.  Place on the side of your breakfast plate.
  6. Spread remaining Smart Balance on the three slices of French toast.  Serves: 1.  Enjoy!

Simple.  Tasty.  Perfect for a vacation breakfast.  The raspberries are flavorful and sweet enough to substitute for syrup.

  • Nutrition note:  Enjoy fresh fruits and veggies while they are in season.  Not only do they taste the best, but they cost less than when they are out of season.

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