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Pesto Parmesan Ham with Alfalfa on German Dark Wheat Bread October 26, 2010

Pesto Parmesan Ham with Alfalfa on German Dark Wheat Bread

Jamie says:  Do you find yourself buying the same foods at the grocery store each week?  Sometimes I do.  It can be fun to take a little extra time to explore new foods.  This time I found German dark wheat bread.  I’ve never seen it before, probably because I just get in the habit of finding my favorite food.  But now I can add it to my favorites list for those days where I just need to run in and out of the grocery store.  Give it a try.  Your taste buds will thank you.

Pesto Parmesan Ham with Alfalfa on German Dark Wheat Bread


  • 2 slices Pepperidge Farm 100% natural German dark wheat bread
  • 1 Tbsp Ba-Tampte delicatessen style mustard
  • 1/8 lb Boars’ Head pesto parmesan oven roasted ham
  • 3/4 vine ripe tomato
  • 1/2 tsp fresh basil
  • 3/4 cup alfalfa sprouts (from my friend Sam)
  • 7 Stacy’s Tuscan herb pita chips


  1. Spread mustard on one slice of bread.  Top with ham.
  2. Wash tomato, basil, and alfalfa sprouts.  Dry.  Slice tomato and place on ham.  Tear basil and add to sandwich.  Top with alfalfa sprouts.
  3. Add pita chips and other slice of bread.  Serves: 1.  Enjoy!
  • Nutrition note:  Don’t be fooled- just because the bread is brown or the label says wheat does not mean it’s whole wheat.  To reap of the benefits of whole wheat, look for the words “whole wheat flour” in the first few ingredients.  The higher up it is on the ingredients list, the better.

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