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Amish Friendship Bread October 13, 2010

Amish Friendship Bread

Amish Friendship Bread Loaf and Muffins

Kathryn says:  My friend Monique gave me a starter batch of Amish Friendship Bread and instructions on “squish-squashing and mushing the bag” for 10 days, as well as adding a few ingredients to it on Day 6 and  more ingredients to it on Day 10 – baking day. It made  three starter bags to pass on and one bag for me to bake into a loaf of bread and a dozen or so muffins. I gave Jamie and two other baker friends the starter batches. (Jamie’s bread and muffins are pictured on the left.) I brought the muffins to school with me, and whenever I’d come across a friend, I’d give them out. I got nothing but ecstatic feedback.

This bread is absolutely delicious – I love the moist, tender bread complimented by the sweet, crunchy the cinnamon sugar topping. Of course, the main reason it is so good is because it is made with love. 🙂

To partake in the Amish Friendship Bread tradition, look out for a starter bag from a friend. To start it on your own, I recommend Googling the recipe – there are many and I don’t know which is the authentic one.

Jamie says:  I remember making friendship bread in the 5th grade!  It was so exciting when Kathryn gave me a starter bag.  I switched up some ingredients by using whole wheat flour and soymilk.  It was delicious- light, moist, and sweet.  I made a big loaf and lots of muffins, wrapped them up, and passed them out at school to some of my friends who seemed to really enjoy it.  I passed my starter batches to four friends, and the love continues on.


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  1. […] says: The Amish Friendship Bread had come around once again! K and I received starter bags in October 2011 and made the bread then. And now I got to make it again. It’s always a sweet surprise. Amish Friendship […]

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