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Waffles with Chocolate Pudding and Berries August 9, 2010

Waffles with Chocolate Pudding and Berries

Jamie says:  Mom and Dad had beautiful granite countertops installed in the kitchen this month.  From what I heard, it was quite an experience.  They went to a store in Miami and searched through sheets of granite to pick out exactly the slabs they wanted.  There were chickens running around the store, and Mom was served Cuban coffee in a cup the size of a thimble.  I came home last week and there it was- a huge piece of earth where the old white countertops used to be.  Mom immediately showed me her favorite piece.  At first, I thought it was kinda silly.  But, I have to admit, I gave in last night.  I found myself gazing at the countertops and finding all these interesting sections- some that looked like feathers, another a valley, I swear I found some diamonds, too… it was like having a geology lesson in the kitchen.  Mom joined in and we talked and laughed.  It was quite entertaining and we had some good mother-daughter time.  By the end of it, I promised Mom that her granite would make the blog.  So, here it is, Mom.

Waffles with Chocolate Pudding and Berries



  1. Toast waffles.
  2. Wash fruit.  Slice strawberries.
  3. Spread pudding on top of the waffles.  Top with fruit.  Serves: 1 (for breakfast), 2 (for a snack or dessert).  Enjoy!

Fabulous!  I love the combination of blueberries and chocolate. 

  • Nutrition note:  van’s waffles are made with whole grains (organic whole wheat flour).  To get the benefits of whole grains, become a label reader and look for whole grains in the first few ingredients.  Remember, wheat does not mean whole wheat.

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