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Malted Milk “Shake” June 7, 2010

Malted Milk "Shake"

Jamie says:  When I was making this Malted Milk “Shake” for a post-workout snack, I had a flashback to San Francisco.  It was 10 pm on a Saturday night, I was craving a milk shake, and Kathryn was up for an adventure.  We went off into the city and found a diner.  We had lots of laughs and my craving was satisfied.   Here’s my healthy (but equally tasty) version.

Malted Milk “Shake”


  • 1 banana 
  • ~ 3 Tbsp Ovaltine Classic Malt Mix
  • 2 small ice cubes
  • ~ 3/4 cup skim milk
  • maraschino cherry (optional)


  1. Slice banana, put on a baking sheet, and freeze.
  2. Blend frozen banana, Ovaltine, ice, and milk in a blender. 
  3. Pour in a cup, and top with a cherry (if desired).
  4. Enjoy!  (serves 1)

Miraculously, the Malted Milk “Shake” has the same consistency as an ice-cream shake.  It tastes so good, too.  I can’t believe there’s no ice cream in it, and it’s fat-free!

  • Nutrition note: Ovaltine contains lots of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D.  Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium (among many other important roles).

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