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Black & White Strawberry Shortcake June 3, 2010

Black & White Strawberry Shortcake

Kathryn says: My neighbor invited me over for a Chinese feast. I’d never eaten home-cooked Chinese food before, and I was thrilled to accept the offer.

I wanted to bring dessert to show my gratitude for the delicious meal of pork fried rice, ribs, veggies and white fish.

I had a pint of strawberries in the fridge, so I used that as my inspiration to whip up my first strawberry shortcake. 

I modified a recipe I found online. I combined all the suggested ingredients (simply flour, baking powder, butter – I used Smart Balance-, salt, and milk) in the suggested quantities, but then spread it into a rectangular Pyrex dish and baked it until golden instead of making individual-sized servings. 

I came up with a chocolate icing recipe from my head – I mixed together melted Smart Balance butter spread, dark chocolate cocoa powder, confectioners sugar, and white sugar. I also decided to make another bowl of the same icing sans the cocoa powder in case my neighbor or her daughter didn’t like chocolate.  I iced half and half. It ends up that her daughter was allergic to chocolate, so my intuition steered me well!

I bordered it with freshly sliced strawberries and served it with a bowl of extra strawberries on the side.

My neighbor said she normally doesn’t like American desserts because they are too sweet, but she loved this one because the shortbread was not too sugary, while the icing added a rich, tasty touch.

I loved how simple the ingredients were, how easy this was to make, and how delicious it was!


One Response to “Black & White Strawberry Shortcake”

  1. Vanessa Says:

    I think that really looks good.

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