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The Official French Toast Cook-Off April 2, 2010

Orange Sugar & Spice French Toast

Jamie says:  I was challenged to a cook-off, a French toast cook-off, that is. After reading my blog post titled Almond Oatmeal French Toast, Joe challenged that he could make some killer French toast. So, we dueled it out in the kitchen of my apartment. It was a “legit” event. We had seven taste panelists (aka friends from the triathlon team) over for dinner to taste our recipes.  

At first, I was going to make panettone from scratch and then make it into French toast, but I had never tried the recipe before and it took too much time (at least 3 hours) to make. So, brainstormed in the car on my way to a meeting… and I thought of an awesome new recipe that I would like to call Orange Sugar & Spice French Toast. Here it is: 

For my bread, I chose sliced challah from the Publix Bakery. I dipped it in a mixture of eggs, vanilla extract, skim milk, and cinnamon and cooked it on frying pan sprayed with PAM. To make the topping, I modified part of a pancake recipe (Poppyseed Pancakes with Spiced Clementines) from Pancakes and Waffles by Kate Habershon. Here’s my topping recipe: 

Combine the zest of one washed lemon, 2 cups of dark brown sugar (packed), a generous teaspoon of cinnamon, a generous teaspoon of ground cloves. Sprinkle some of mixture over sliced oranges. Reserve extra sugar/spice mixture for another occasion (stay tuned…a blog post is coming soon). Refrigerate oranges to chill.  Top hot French toast with the oranges and drizzle extra “syrup” from the orange/sugar mixture on top. Enjoy! 

So, I have to admit I did not win the French toast cook-off.  (I lost 3-4 to Joe’s Sourdough bread French toast balls with frozen yogurt and syrup.) But it was still tons of fun! I felt like I was on some reality cooking tv show.

Nutrition note:  Orange you glad oranges are a good source of vitamin C?


4 Responses to “The Official French Toast Cook-Off”

  1. Joon Says:

    Cloves! That’s what that flavor was! I have to say, if there wasn’t so much clove flavor on your oranges, you would have had my vote hands down.

  2. Joe Sagues Says:

    I must add, as the winner of the competition and all, that my french toast was definitely more on the unhealthy side which might have contributed to my victory :p. If healthiness was a parameter to abide by, Jamie would’ve won….good thing it wasnt!

    Oh and Jamies french toast reminded everyone of the holidays, so im it would be awesome on Christmas morning.

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