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Cuban Feast March 21, 2010

Cuban Pork, Jicama and Black Beans, Brown Rice, and Plantains

Jamie says:  I was on a mission…for jicama!  I tasted this root vegetable for the first time a couple of weeks ago in a delicious salad my Uncle Rick made.  Now, I had a recipe for Cuban Grilled Pork (from Good Housekeeping Magazine) that called for this mysterious root vegetable.  The thing was nowhere to be found!  After trying 3 Publix Supermarkets and Mother Earth Market, I finally got a hold of one at Ward’s Supermarket.  My efforts paid off- at dinner time. 

To make this Cuban Feast, I first cooked Texmati Brown Rice according to the package (rice, water, salt, and butter- I used Smart Balance Omega Buttery Spread).  I then sliced plantains, poured extra virgin olive oil, freshly ground pepper, and salt on top (on one half I used garlic salt, on the other I added sea salt).  (We just couldn’t decide…they’re both really good.)  I then prepared the pork marinade with lime zest, lime juice, extra virgin olive oil, cumin, and crushed garlic.  For the beans, I drained them (but didn’t rinse them like the recipe said…I skipped adding salt to make up for it).  I then ripped the leaves off of fresh cilantro and added freshly ground pepper and lime juice to the black beans.  K worked on the jicama- peeling and chopping it- and then added it to the beans.   

And that was dinner.  It was fabulous. 

Nutrition note:  Jicama is a good source of inulin.  Inulin is a prebiotic that selectively promotes the growth of good bacteria in your intestine.  (Got that from my nutrition notes today while I was studying for my Nutrition and Immunity test tomorrow.)


2 Responses to “Cuban Feast”

  1. D Says:

    Try cooking with yucca as well. Its another root that might be easier to find at the grocery store and also has pretty good nutritional value. Not to mention its another staple in Cuban cooking. Great recipe!

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