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Dark Chocolate M&M Cottage Cheese February 20, 2010

Dark Chocolate M&M Cottage Cheese

Jamie says:  I’ve found a new favorite snack- or is it a dessert?  I can’t decide.  It’s cottage cheese with m&m’s.  Part of me wants to put it in the snack category because cottage cheese is a healthy food.  Cottage cheese has vitamin D and calcium, fiber, and protein.  But, chocolate is dessert to me. I’ve decided I am going to think of it as a healthy dessert.

Regardless of its category, my recipe is so simple and so amazing.  It only has two ingredients!  One 4 oz container of Breakstone’s LiveActive 2% Milkfat Lowfat Cottage Cheese with Dark Chocolate m&m’s.  (Hint: don’t mix the m&m’s too much or they lose their color).

It is fabulous!  I love the sweet and salty combo. 

Nutrition note:  If adding some m&m’s gets you to eat a milk group food, I belive it’s worth the tradeoff of adding a sweet treat, because calcium is very important for bone health.


2 Responses to “Dark Chocolate M&M Cottage Cheese”

  1. the girl james Says:

    fabulous idea!

    p.s. the brownies last night were delicious!

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