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Zuppa di Grandma January 25, 2010

Vegetable Soup

Jamie says:  I was getting ready to leave for class this morning- making my breakfast and lunch- and thought, why not make dinner?  Actually, I have a little cold, so hot soup in the Crockpot sounded like the perfect dinner-time meal.  I had to leave for my Nutrition and Immunity class in less than 20 minutes, but I did it.  I made the soup very similar to my Italian Grandma’s vegetable soup: into the Crockpot went “whatever fell out of the refrigerator and freezer” (that’s how Granny cooks and it works every time). 

So, I used a 2 lb box of Swanson Organic Free Range Chicken Broth and some water as the base of my soup.  And in went everything else: a can of Hunt’s Diced Tomatoes with Basil, Garlic, and Oregano; a can of Publix Great Northern White Beans;  frozen cooked eggplant from another night’s dinner; fresh zucchini, onion, celery leaves, and escarole; extra virgin olive oil, parsley, basil, oregano, bay leaves, and ground pepper. 

The beauty of cooking soup in a Crockpot is that dinner is ready when you want it.  I came home from a cold triathlon track practice, and Kathryn and I enjoyed the delicious, steamy hot soup along with some fabulous garlic cheese bread that K made just for me.  I think it might have been my best vegetable soup yet! 

Nutrition note:  Extra virgin olive oil has even more antioxidants than regular olive oil.


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