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Honey Garlic Tofu & Brussels Sprouts January 7, 2010

Honey Garlic Tofu and Brussels Sprouts (Tarragon and Cumin)

Honey Garlic Tofu and Brussels Sprouts (Tarragon and Cumin)

Jamie says:  We haven’t had Brussels sprouts in a long time, so I convinced Kathryn to give them a try again.  I sliced the Brussels sprouts in half, put them on a baking sheet, and coated them with extra virgin olive oil and a little ground pepper.  I was feeling adventurous with the spices, so I divided the tray in half and experimented with French tarragon on half of them and cumin seed on the other half.  I baked them in the oven at about 350 degrees Farenheit for about 25 minutes.  Meanwhile, Kathryn was doing a little experimenting as well.  She cooked up the tofu (NASOYA Firm Tofu) in two pans using two different marinades.  The one for me (pictured) was made with Gourmet Warehouse of Hilton Head: Classic Marinades Honey Garlic (soy sauce with lemon juice, honey, garlic, and spices).  Kathryn used the Lucini Italia Fig and Walnut Balsamic for her pan of tofu.  We sampled both and determined the honey garlic tofu was definitely the favorite.  I liked having two variations of Brussels sprouts, and couldn’t decide which I liked the best. 

Nutrition note:  Brussels sprouts are cruciferous veggies (like broccoli and cauliflower) that are cancer-fighting.


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  1. Let me start by saying excellent site. Im unsure if it has been talked about, but when using Opera I can never get the entire site to load without refreshing several times. Could just be my computer. Appreciate your work

  2. […] simple and delicious. I looked back through some of our old blog posts and realized K and I actually made something very similar a couple of years ago. I’m sure I will make ‘em again, too. Who would have thought Brussels sprouts could […]

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