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Christmas Panettone December 25, 2009

Christmas PanettoneJamie says:  Merry Christmas!  I am so thankful for all of the many blessings in my life, especially my wonderful family.  I have been enjoying all of the family holiday festivities.  Last night, we had a beautiful Christmas Eve party at our house, too.

Last Christmas, my Great Aunt and Uncle sent us a Williams-Sonoma Panettone with Glazed Chestnuts.  My family loved it so much that my Mom bought us one this year.  (Panettone is a cake-like bread that is traditionally served in Italy on Christmas.)  Although this Williams-Sonoma treat is quite expensive (about $40), the flavor is out of this world!   Today for Christmas breakfast, I made panettone french toast.  I cut slices of panettone, quickly dipped them in a mix of eggs and skim milk, and cooked them on the griddle until the slices was nice and brown.  The dried chestnuts pieces in the bread are amazing.  The bread is so sweet.  If you ever have the chance to try panettone, don’t miss out.  Panettone is such a treat.  “It’s no Christmas fruit cake!”

Nutrition note:  When cooking with eggs, don’t dump the yolk.  Just go easy on the amount of eggs you eat.  Although the yolk does contain fat and cholesterol, it has many important nutrients in it, such as vitamin D and vitamin E.


One Response to “Christmas Panettone”

  1. Joe Stolarz Says:

    Your writing gets better and better-
    “Its no fruit cake”
    beautifully stated

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