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(Cauli)flower Power December 24, 2009

Creamy Mashed Cauliflower

Kathryn says:  Are there any vegetables you just can’t come to terms with?  That was me with cauliflower.  I was never a fan of the taste.  But J likes it, and since we cook together a lot, it gave me a good reason to keep searching for a way to enjoy it.

I’m happy to report a success story: mashed cauliflower.  Once you mash it, the vegetable takes on a whole new texture – that of risotto (creamy rice), which I love.

I found this recipe on Women’s Health Magazine’s Web site, and it was quick and tasty.  I boiled a head of cauliflower until it was soft, drained it, mashed it with a potato masher (a fork would suffice), added garlic powder, fine sea salt, cream cheese, and butter, and kept mashing until it was all mixed.  I sprinkled dried parsley on top for presentation.  I liked it enough to get seconds!  I won’t be cringing next time J suggests cauliflower for dinner.


One Response to “(Cauli)flower Power”

  1. Joe Stolarz Says:

    You are too clever K
    Im proud of you

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