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Toasted Garlic and Herb Yellow Squash December 23, 2009

Toasted Garlic and Herb Yellow Squash

Jamie says:  It was nice- all us ladies were in the kitchen together creating our own dishes for dinner.  Mom was working away preparing a delicious pork recipe with orange marmalade and mushrooms, Kathryn was experimenting with a mashed cauliflower recipe, and I found some yellow squash in the refrigerator to work with.  I quartered the squash and drizzled extra virgin olive oil on top.  I minced up some fresh garlic and sprinkled sea salt, dried parsley, and dried rosemary on top; and into the oven it went with Mom’s pork roast.  Our dishes came together nicely.  I enjoyed looking at our Christmas tree all lit-up and dressed-up during dinner.

Nutrition note:  Try to eat a variety of vegetables.  There are 5 vegetable subgroups- dark green, orange, beans & peas, starchy, and other.  The different subgroups offer different nutrients important for good health.  Squash falls into the other vegetable subgroup.


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