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Stuffed Peppers December 21, 2009

Stuffed PeppersJamie says:  My Mom and Grandma are both wonderful cooks.  They make delicious stuffed peppers, too.  I would like to dedicate this pepper to my Grandmother.  Her style?  “Whatever falls out of the freezer.”  So, the other day I was leaving to come home for Christmas break, and there’s usually not too much left to cook by this time.  But, I had a green pepper and a couple of things that I wanted to use up.  So, I cooked like my Grandmother does.  I sliced the green pepper in half and stuffed it with two pieces of whole wheat bread (toasted, from the freezer), leftover anchovies from pizza night, the last of the low-fat mozzarella cheese, the half of tomato that was in the fridge, some minced garlic, basil, and salt and pepper.  I drizzled some extra virgin olive oil in the pepper and covered the outside with it, too.  I poured a small can of tomato sauce on top and baked it in the oven for about 50 minutes at 375 degrees next to my chopped sweet potatoes.  I made the sweet potatoes with extra virgin olive oil, minced garlic, and salt and pepper.  It was the perfect lunch.  Kathryn was so appreciative.  I think it was an “eye-closer” for Kathryn, which means the meal received her golden seal of approval.  K and I drove home with happy stomachs.   

Nutrition note:  Garlic is good for the immune system, has anti-tumor effects, and is an antioxidant.


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