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Yellow Tomatoes December 19, 2009

Grilled Cheese and Yellow Tomato Spinach SaladJamie says:  I was grocery shopping at Publix and I saw yellow tomatoes in the produce section for the first time.  They were a lot more expensive than the red tomatoes, but I really wanted to try one.  It was worth the splurge.  I chopped them up and put them over spinach to make a salad.  I drizzled extra virgin olive oil on top and added sea salt and freshly ground pepper.  The combination is amazing.  To accompany my salad, I made grilled cheese with sliced low-fat mozzarella cheese and whole wheat bread.  Now that’s what I call a grown-up grilled cheese lunch.  I would highly recommend trying a yellow tomato if you haven’t already. 

Nutrition note:  Aim to increase your whole grain consumption.  Whole grain products offer the benefits of fiber and many other important nutrients, including magnesium (important in bone integrity and many reactions that occur in the body, including metabolism) and selenium (an antioxidant).


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