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Bagels December 16, 2009

Turkey Bagel with Tomatoes and Sauteed Spinach and OnionsJamie says:  I finally got my bagel!  I had been craving one for over a week.  I purchased a bag of Thomas’ everything bagels one night at Target!  They were on sale, too.  Can’t beat that.  I put the bag in the freezer to keep them fresh (putting bread in the refrigerator actually causes bread to stale even faster than if it were left on the counter; but freezing is the best- it slows down this process).  I have been enjoying my private stash of bagels.  I made a scrambled egg sandwich with mozzarella cheese using one bagel.  I had another with cream cheese and strawberry preserves.  With a half of a bagel (pictured), I made an open-faced sandwich on a toasted bagel with sliced Boar’s Head turkey, chopped tomatoes, and spinach and onions that I sautéed on the stove top with extra virgin olive oil, salt, and pepper.  (Hint: if the bagel does not fit in your toaster, you can lay it on top of the toaster and move it around to toast it.)  The sandwich was very flavorful.  My bagel craving has been satisfied.

Nutrition note:  Vitamin C improves iron absorption.  For example, the vitamin C in the tomato can help you absorb the iron in the spinach better.


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