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Pizzas on the Grill August 8, 2009

Grilled Sausage and Veggie Pizzas

Grilled Sausage and Veggie Pizzas

Grilled Sausage and Veggie Pizza Slice

Grilled Sausage and Veggie Pizza Slice

Kathryn says: To end a fun day of shopping with my aunt, I came back to her house to make grilled pizzas with her and my  uncle.

It was our first time trying to grill pizza.  While my uncle got the grill fired up, my aunt and I split a Publix pizza dough into two pieces, lightly floured them and rolled them out using our hands and a rolling pin.  We split the dough into two because it’s much easier to flip two smaller doughs on the grill than it is to flip one big dough.
Then, we prepared a huge plate of toppings including sliced mozzarella cheese, fresh sprigs of rosemary from the garden, cooked sausage chunks, chopped onions, tomatoes and zucchini.
Next, we brought the dough and toppings out by the grill.  My uncle sprayed the hot grill with Pam, and we threw the flattened dough onto the grill, closed the lid, and let it cook for about three to four minutes.  Then, we opened the grill and my uncle flipped the dough over using oven mits.
We quickly piled all the ingredients on the dough and closed the grill to cook it all for another three to four minutes. 
The dough was cooked enough, but the fresh vegetables were still a bit raw.  We removed the pizzas from the grill to prevent the dough from burning, and we transferred them to a metal baking sheet and broiled them for about five minutes to finish cooking the veggies.
Once the pizzas were done broiling, we transferred them onto a wooden cutting board, cut them up and chowed down.  The medley of grilled flavors, especially the salty sausage, refreshing rosemary and oozing, sweet mozzarella, was delectable.  I’d prefer grilled pizza to baked pizza any day. 
Next time, we would cook the vegetables in a frying pan on the stove before loading them onto the grilled dough.  That way we wouldn’t have to finish cooking the pizzas in the oven. 

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