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Pumpkin Pudding – SuperFood Status July 10, 2009

Patty's Pumpkin Pudding

Patty's Pumpkin Pudding

Kathryn says:  I recently finished reading the book SuperFoods HealthStyle (, and I learned that pumpkin and cinnamon are SuperFoods – low-calorie nutritional powerhouse foods loaded with nutrients that promote longevity and prevent disease. I definitely recommend the book.
One of the recipes in the book was for Patty’s Pumpkin Pudding:  This treat took about five minutes to prepare and it was tasty.  I would try it without ginger next time though. 
I served it in a custard dish.  I enjoyed the taste and texture best refrigerated.  I added milk, drizzled (SuperFood) honey and mixed nuts (walnuts are a SuperFood too!) on top for a delicious snack.
Who knew pumpkin could break out of its traditional pie shell?!

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