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Orange You Glad you Like Chocolate? June 27, 2009

Dark-Chocolate Orange Starburst

Dark-Chocolate Orange Starburst

Kathryn says: I just started reading SuperFoods HealthStyle (, a good summer health read that promotes vigor, disease prevention and life extension.  It was recommended on another food blog,  So far the book has discussed the benefits of exercise and it has identified some SuperFoods – foods with lots of health benefits.  The first two SuperFoods it discussed were oranges and dark chocolate, so I woke up craving both of them.  I took an orange out of the refrigerator, peeled it and split it open like a starburst.  Pretty!  Then, I sprinkled cinnamon on top.  I love cinnamon.  It’s great on nearly anything, and I’ve heard it has many health benefits.  Next, I microwaved two squares of Dove Promises Silky Smooth Dark Chocolate ( for about a minute, stopping to stir it after 30 seconds.  I drizzled the melted chocolate on the oranges and ate it right away.  The cold oranges and warm chocolate made for an amazing burst of juicy flavor.


One Response to “Orange You Glad you Like Chocolate?”

  1. Tati Says:

    I LOVE oranges and dark chocolate! I have to try this one day!! Thanks Kathryn…awesome blog : )

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